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Mandalay Progress Association was born out of the 1974 floods when Brisbane River broke its banks, surrounding the estate. Mandalay residents were cut off from Brisbane and all services, an island within the devastating floodwaters. This spawned a remarkable ethos, with neighbours rallying, creating an effective self-help network, supporting each other through
the disaster.


The incredible community efforts during these trying times forged a special bond and can-do spirit among residents. The idea of Mandalay Progress Association was overwhelmingly supported within a neighbourhood wanting to sustain the community’s self-concept and optimism. A committee was elected and has collectively worked as representatives for the local community ever since.


Fig Tree Pocket, a residential suburb on Brisbane River, is nine kilometres south-west of Brisbane CBD. Bounded on three sides by the river, creating a pocket, the name also reflecting the giant fig tree around which a reserve was created in 1866. Fig Tree Pocket State School opened in 1871 and a post office was established in 1878. Glenleighden School opened in 1979 and Brisbane Montessori School
in 1982.


The distance to Fig Tree Pocket by river is two and a half times the straight-line distance from the city, and by road via the Centenary Highway, it is about 14 kilometres. The district was rural until post-WWII years, and was best known for Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, established in 1927. Fig Tree Pocket has a population of over 4,000 residents.



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Jacaranda Festival




Mandalay Progress Association is always looking for new committee members and encourages residents to join and play an active role in activities that positively benefit our community. The group meets every six weeks, for approximately 1.5 hours.Be part of shaping a progressive community replete with amenity and services, within a safe environment, so important for bringing up your family.


With a dynamic annual events program,volunteering of time and knowledge is another way you could also assist Mandalay Progress Association and your community.

young MPA

We encourage our youngsters to get involved with the MPA in making our neighbourhood a greater place to live and enjoy. Should you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to email our Secretary ( You are also welcome to join our committee meeting to find out what we do and air your suggestions and concerns if any.



To better prepare for any future flooding, the MPA has formed a Flood Mitigation Group led by Alastair Macleod.

A number of flood mitigation measures have been proposed and we are in discussion with the Council, Cr James Mackay, Michael Berkman MP and the relevant state government agencies pursing these measures. These measures include:

• Enquiring state government about flood mitigation infrastructure (dams)

• Providing temporary flood barriers for low sections of the riverbank

• Pumping or intercepting excessive flow to reduce flooding due to           
  overland flow

• Providing sandbag for use

• Improving flood monitoring and warning by adding a river gauge at the
   boat ramp

• Providing emergency access

• Developing an evacuation plan

Should you have any inquiries or suggestion for flood mitigation, please feel free to contact Alastair via email: or mobile: 0488 093 999.

Flood Mitigation




Membership is now FREE. Click this link to manage your communication preference.

Should you have any queries about membership or subscription, please don’t hesitate to contact Steve our Secretary via

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The Roads to Mandalay:

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